Larry Bartleet

Larry Bartleet

Freelance journalist.

Freelance writer at NME, Edinburgh Fringe Editor '15 at Broadway Baby. Published by The Guardian, The Sunday Times, DIY Magazine, Screen Daily, Broadcast, easyJet Traveller.

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Kanye article.hero article

Cover Story: Making A Masterpiece

The three-year story behind Kanye West's seventh album 'The Life Of Pablo'

Sta05filmalso2 1159920k article
The Sunday Times

Review: Comet | The Sunday Times

Realistic conversations turn up as seldom as the Hale-Bopp in this painfully self-aware, overacted two-hander from Sam Esmail..

Rhye milosh 2013 press article

Rhye: "I don't know if it even matters who I am - it should be about the music"

Ahead of playing London’s Mirrors Festival - a rare UK gig - a semi-concussed Mike Milosh puts the record straight on what Rhye is really about.

2015calvinharris gettyimages 485029302240815.hero article

Lifestyles Of The Superstar DJs – How Calvin Harris, David Guetta & More Live

DJing is such a lucrative business these days that the likes of Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Tiesto can earn more in a year than Jay Z or Beyoncé. But what does this new generation of playboy DJs do with its cash?

Page 28 article

Jo Whiley: XCity Interview

Appeared in XCity Magazine 2015, for journalism alumni of City University

2015 shialabeoufallmymoviestransformers3 11 111115 article

Thought Transformers 3 Was Bad?

So Does Shia LaBeouf...

Square echo lake credit nicholas pomeroy hi article

Echo Lake, on avoiding shoegaze tags and "trying to test ourselves" | DIY

Echo Lake, on avoiding shoegaze tags and "trying to...

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Review: John Grant - Grey Tickles, Black Pressure | DIY

Grant has a fascinating combination of wisdom, world-weary cynicism and righteous anger; it never grates.

Ouarzazate morocco 008 article
The Guardian

On the TV tourist trail: from Game of Thrones to Downton Abbey

Whether you're a fan of Thrones' Ned Stark, or Broadchurch's Ellie Miller, there's a location tour to take. Here's Larry Bartleet's pick of the latest television tourism...

2013atpblacklipspg251113 article

8 Famous Clashes Between Musicians And Security Guards At Gigs

8 Famous Clashes Between Musicians And Security Guards At Gigs

2014nirvana getty85361962 020414.hero article

14 Essential Nirvana B-Sides, Demos And Rarities | NME.COM

14 Essential Nirvana B-Sides, Demos And Rarities

2014netflix press 140214.hero article

10 TV Shows Cancelled Before Their Time That Netflix Should Resurrect

Last week it was announced that long-running Canadian drama Degrassi, which once famously starred charismatic hip-hop mope Drake, has been revived by Netflix, with new episodes to air in 2016. Here's 10 we'd resurrect if we had the chance.

John grant michael berman %281%29 article

John Grant: "What got me into addiction was the constant need to escape from my reality"

John Grant is one of the most honest musicians around. His songs mix observations about being HIV positive with wry jokes. Larry Bartleet finds him at the top of his game.

2015edsheeran press sesamestreet 020415.hero article

15 Hilarious And Calamitous Appearances By Musicians On Kids TV Shows

15 Hilarious And Calamitous Appearances By Musicians on Kids TV Shows

Fieldmusic article

NME Reviews - Field Music - 'Commontime' Review | NME.COM

NME Reviews - Field Music - 'Commontime' Review | N...