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Freelance journalist.

Freelance writer at NME, Edinburgh Fringe Editor '15 at Broadway Baby. Published by The Guardian, The Sunday Times, DIY Magazine, Screen Daily, Broadcast, easyJet Traveller.

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Broadway Baby

Sara Pascoe vs History: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

★★★★ You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d come to the wrong classroom: at times this show seems more like Sara Pascoe vs Biology, what with the fascinating nano-lectures on “sperm selection” and the evolution of human sexuality. You’ll ask yourself: could the link between breast size and cap...

Broadway Baby

Rhys Nicholson - Eurgh: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

★★★★ “Who here is a guard llama?” Confused? So is the attempted narrative arc of Rhys Nicholson’s set, supposedly an hour-long look at protectors (guard llamas) and protected (sheep) in various situations.

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Broadway Baby

WitTank: Old School Secrets: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

★★★★ It’s hard to imagine an audience that won’t enjoy this show, based (exceedingly loosely, one hopes) on the boarding school experiences of WitTank’s cast of three: Mark Cooper-Jones, Naz Osmanoglu and Kieran Boyd. It should be offensive to the public school types that these three are lampooning...

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Broadway Baby

Mike Oldfield\'s Tubular Bells For Two: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

★★★★★ Mike Oldfield's critically and commercially successful prog-rock album 'Tubular Bells' has been lovingly recreated by Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts as a live, two-man performance. It's a timeless LP, an hour-long musical odyssey which flows more like a classical work than almost any other albu...

Broadway Baby

Reviews written by Larry Bartleet: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

Reviews written by Larry Bartleet: Broadway Baby, B...

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Broadway Baby

Talk About Something You Like: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

★★★★ Byron Vincent enters the venue in pinstriped pyjamas and a pair of tatty trainers, wiping his long fringe out of his eyes. Unnerving footage of a louse scurrying across a floor plays ceaselessly on a projector behind him. “Hello,” he says to the small gathering. “Hello,” we reply, to...

Broadway Baby

Standby for Tape Back-Up: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

Standby for Tape Back-Up: Broadway Baby, Brighter C...

Broadway Baby

Simon Evans: Friendly Fire: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

Simon Evans: Friendly Fire: Broadway Baby, Brighter...

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Broadway Baby

Saving Graces at St Mabel\'s: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

★★★ It might be difficult to see why someone would bother writing a comedy pastiche of a girls’ boarding school when a perfectly good one already exists in Daisy Pulls It Off. However, this piece of new writing by Piers Todd, college librarian of Cheltenham Ladies’ College, is a fun...

Broadway Baby

Discover Ben Target: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

Discover Ben Target: Broadway Baby, Brighter Covera...

Broadway Baby

Hearts on Fire: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

Hearts on Fire: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

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Broadway Baby

Sleight & Hand: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

★★ Sleight & Hand’s purposefully heavy-handed opening speech casts a shadow over its self-conscious remainder: this piece of new writing by Chris Bush is so knowing you’d really expect it to teach us something. Although its story isn’t entirely derivative, often it is markedly less enchanting...

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Broadway Baby

Can I Start Again Please: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

★★★★★ Pay attention as this breathtaking production desiccates, then dissects childhood trauma via its exploration of Wittgenstein and semantics: there’s a wordless sucker punch in Can I Start Again Please that strikes over the course of several minutes, and its impact aches for hours.Constant interpret...

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Broadway Baby

Features by Larry Bartleet: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

3 days ago ... Larry Bartleet and Martin Walker sat down with Luke to talk about the show in this audio interview – and you can see how he reacted in the ......

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Broadway Baby

And Broadway Baby's first Bobby Award of 2015 goes to...: Broadway Baby, Brighter Coverage.

Our first Bobby Award of the year goes to the inimitable Luke McQueen, whose playful and genre-breaking show Double Act wowed our comedy editor,...